Presentation of project

Arctic Labour – Cross Border Mobility

The main objective of the project is to increase the awareness and interest towards possibilities working in the north, and amount of persons concretely moving or planning to move to work cross the border in the Nordic regions and to enable better employment to support the needs of the labour market in the north. Target group consist mostly of young people who can imagine north as an interesting career opportunity.

Other objectives are:
1) To facilitate better acquisition of labour for the companies and public organizations operating in the Nordic area.
2) To produce a supported model for the cross-border mobility considering the development needs in cultural and language of the person. The model will be especially useful for those people who do not have not experienced other cultures or worked in other country. The model includes a process of coaching, preparing for job interview, introducing to foreign working life and companies and matching of employers and potential employees.
3) To facilitate the networking and cooperation between companies, educational institutions, employment services and other organization in the Nordic area.
4) To facilitate the idea and activities towards a common labour market cross the border in the North.

Through Arctic Labour we want to develop a model in how to work to lower the mental and cultural barriers that exist today and prevent people from seeking employment in our three neighboring countries and thereby meet the objectives in the Interreg North program that want to develop the region and match the demand for work force.

The differences in the labour markets in the three countries create opportunities for further development of a common labor market, both because of current differences, but also because one does not know how the situation will be in the future.

The demand for vocational skills in Northern Norway and Sweden is considerable, while the northern parts of Finland and to some extent Sweden have a larger proportion of young people unemployed.

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